stamp women

stamp 1952

The first stamp honoring women in the Armed Services - issued in 1952.

nurse maass Spanish American War Nurse Clara Maass,
who died as a result of yellow fever.
Army Contract Nurse Maass volunteered to
participate in an experimental treatment program,
after having survived the war. Stamp was issued in 1976.
Dr. Mary Edwards Walker,
Medal of Honor recipient
during the Civil War, was
recognized with a stamp in 1982.
cochran Though best known for her flying records and breaking the sound barrier, Jacqueline Cochran did hold a reserve commission as a Lt Col in the Air Force based on her WASP service.

Some commemorative stamps featuring military women:
stamp 1993
Military medics treating wounded.
stamp 1963
25th Anniversary Women Marines
stamp 1994
Honoring returning veterans.

stamp 1997

The newest stamp, issued in October 1997, at the same time the Women's Memorial
was dedicated in Washington D.C. honoring all women who served in the military.


"Freedom Above All"
"Miss America reports
for service."

salvation army
Not too many postcards exist depicting military women -
here's one from WWI of two Salvation Army Volunteers.

WWII WAAC Dress Right -
courtesy WAAC Vet K. Norcross

wac wac

Cartoonists had a field day during WWII with use of the term WAC.
Here are some "humorous" cards from that era.

mil women

And another - this one courtesy of Alice L. Raatjes.
Caption under WAACS reads " we're sure to win."

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