Military Women on Sheet Music

military girl
circa 1890s

Sheet music has been around in the U.S. since the colonists printed psalms - in fact the first collection of songs was the Bay Psalm Book published in 1640. Bland and colorless song sheets followed, usually large folio, with black letters in bold - not unlike the broadsides of the day. An occasional tint was applied to a flag or banner but colorful covers did not appear in the early days - nor did women in uniform. Patriotism was always a popular theme for songwriters and the Civil War gave us songs like "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" and "When Johnny Comes marching Home". After the war women in uniforms began appearing on sheet music covers...albeit in strange combinations and colors. World War II spawned far more military women's songs than I ever knew existed. Here are some of the titles that featured military women over the years.**

Purists and collectors please note- I have taken both artistic and editorial license in creating these images and they are NOT the true colors to be found on the original sheet music.

she fought
spars true blue
air corps
g.i. jane
1945 - not 1997
uncle sam
wac song
army nurse corps
style of that era.
wave boot
1941 WAVES "Boot" March
pluggin jane "Pluggin Jane", 1945, covered all the bases
with respect to the many contributions by women
during WWII. The actual sheet music
is bright blue with some red highlights
and a purplish wash on the defense workers.
Again, I have taken editorial license
and repeat, these are not
the true colors on the sheet music.

**The music portrayed here is adapted from that in the personal collection of Sandy Marrone, who is the quintessential sheet music collector, author, and historian in the realm of collectible sheet music. I am deeply grateful to Sandy for sharing her wonderful collection and for taking the time to educate me over the years about the fun, and sometimes frustration, of collecting sheet music.
None of the music featured above is for sale, however if you are looking for other pieces, or have a "want list" I'm sure Sandy would like to hear from you.
You may contact her via e-mail at:
Many thanks to a dear friend, Sandy Marrone, for sharing this material.

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