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At the insistance of others, and because so many of you keep asking via e-mail, .....reluctantly, herein lie a few mug shots and a few details as to my military assignments. Maybe this will answer those who ask me if I was ever stationed with them at the far corners of the world.

The '50s:
Lackland AFB, Texas; Warren AFB, Wyoming; Hamilton AFB, California; Norton AFB, California; Ent AFB, Colorado; Mexico City College, Mexico; Mitchel AFB, Long Island, N.Y. and Air Force Recruiting Det 101, Long Island, N.Y.
First WAF to complete college and obtain B.A degree under "Operation Bootstrap" through Long Island University.
Ranks held: Pvt., Pfc., Cpl., Sgt., SSgt., and TSgt.

capt The '60s:
Lackland AFB, Texas for OTS; First enlisted WAF to obtain a commission by completing OTS.
Served at Lockbourne AFB, SAC, Columbus, Ohio; George Washington University, Washington D.C. for AFIT; McGuire AFB, New Jersey, as WAF Squadron Commander of one of the largest women's squadrons in the Air Force.
Ranks held: 2Lt., 1st Lt., Capt., and Major -(declined and returned.)

The '70s:
Retired from the Air Force and became an Adjunct Ass't Professor at Burlington County College, NJ. Earned an MBA via an innovative Air Force Program from Southern Illinois University.
mess dress

TV host The '80s:
Left teaching to delve into the world of antiques. Produced and hosted TV program on
antiques and collectibles.
Continued to write. Published syndicated critique columns by "Captain Critical", also Pet columns weekly in the Burlington County Times and a national pet newspaper, and antique and collectibles columns in several papers.
Named Burlington County Woman of the Year in 1989.

The '90s:
Retired yet again; moved to St Augustine Florida; served on the NE Florida Planning Council, the Human Rights Advocacy Committee still write, consult, teach once in awhile; maintain web pages, and appeared briefly on CNN - if you blinked you missed it but here's a birdseye view of their arrival at my home and the two hours of taping.

This old cynic has visited every state in the U.S. and a few foreign countries and this old captain's tirades have been published from coast to coast and from the nation's oldest city - St. Augustine, Florida - my present home - to where the United States all began - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - my original city. Here are two books that mention some of my "escapades" in the service.
The 1997 - Wings of Glory -
a 50th Anniversary Commemorative book on the
history of the United States Air Force -
features a brief history of women in the
Air Force and included yours truly.
It's a bit scary being living history
but ego aside, the book is a great
full color reference on the Air Force.

"Gender Camouflage"Women and the U.S. Military.
Francine D'Amico and Laurie Weinstein.
This book, released in March of 1999, explores the women
who are both "insiders" and "outsiders" with the U.S. military.
All through the book analytical chapters are interspersed with
first-person narratives by women who have "been there, done that!"
So watch out - here comes the ego-trip!
One of the narrative chapters is
the expurgated version of some
of my experiences in the Air Force.

marine book More on the "ego trip" list
- wrote a tribute chapter for the recent book "Semper Fi"
celebrating the 225 years of the U.S. Marine Corps,
published by Belmont International.
The chapter is titled "The Few, The Proud, The Volunteers"
- the story of the women in the Marine Corps.
September Legion Magazine
recognizes military women.
Excellent article by Jay Stuller
but not available online.
Included a little bit about my exploits.
Here's an excerpt.

In 2003 yet another book -
Women At Risk: We Also Served
is about women who served our country since before World War II to present day. All branches of the military are included, officers and enlisted personnel, as well as women who volunteered as civilians going to a war zone, and those that stayed stateside. Included are clerks, drivers, heavy equipment operators, nurses, USO and ARC volunteers, and more. They tell us why they volunteered and how their lives were changed More than sixty women are profiled in this book, including yours truly.

And just for the fun of it -My Misadventures with some celebrities.

bw now There you have it.
Sincere thanks to all of you for the many e-mails every day;
for the intelligent questions from eager young students;
for the gracious notes of thanks for any help;
for the over three thousand sites that link to me;
and most of all
for the sincerity of your kind comments.

Postscripts for 2004 - 2005- 2006- 2007:
My thanks to Michelle Guido of the San Jose Mercury News for the excellent article on women in the military; to Beth Gillin of the Philadelphia Inquirer for her fine and unbiased article on military women and to the indefatigable Muriel Dobbin, McClatchy Newspapers Washington Bureau for her dynamic "Equality still eludes women in war" piece.
And thanks to all three for mentioning me and my web site.
Thank you also to USA Today for the opportunity to host an online chat about Women in Combat.
And thanks to Amy Nathan for mentioning this web site in her book "Count On Us".
Thanks also to NPR for allowing me to speak out on military women and to satellite radio for a "great debate".
And special thanks to the many colleges and universities that include this web site as a part of their Womens Studies programs.
My sincere thanks to ABC's Nightline and Deborah Amos for listening to my "two cents worth".
My appreciation to the many foreign colleges and universities world wide that feature this site in their Women's Studies Programs - keeping military women a part of history in several languages.

Most of all my gratitude to the fine young women and men on active duty who take the time to send their thank you messages for the site.
All of our fine young women and men in uniform are the Real American Idols!!

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