Four servicewomen

paper dolls
WWII "Bild-A-Set" Military Dolls

paper dolls
WWII Military Paper Dolls

wac poster
WWII Recruiting Poster

1943 - S. Savage's
- America's Heroes

First WAVE Director
Captain McAfee
Time 1945

WAAC Poster

army nurse corps
Army Nurse Corps

WAF Recruiting
brochure - '50s.

be a marine

Military women, active duty, retired, veterans, short-timers, lifers, regulars, reserves, guard or affiliates like CAP, USCG, academy students, or whatever, you are invited to join us here. We'll list your home page, e-mail address if you wish, and your branch of service. Only by net-working can we keep the information flowing and awareness in the spotlight. Simply e-mail me the URL and it will be posted. Here's the beginning, in no particular order, of what we hope will be a long list...and also some military women's memorabilia to view.

The Women's Army Corps Veterans Association - an organization with a purpose. WACVA

Army Women's Professional Association

The Women Marines Association has a brand new web site:
Women Marines Association

The WAF Band. Visit their web site to find out more - and to learn more about this great group of Women in the Air Force who served as military musicians - many of whom are still playing. WAF Band

Louise Hoover (Dufresne) A.K.A. Weezie. United States Army during Grenada '83-'85
US Army Vet

The Navy Nurse Corps Association can be found at NNCA

Exciting new site for Vietnam Women Veterans

Timely, well written and a "must visit" for a number of reasons:
Tracy's Passion Page: Women in the Military
Tracy -You Go Girl!!!

WOPA -Supporting motivated Sea Service officers since 1978, the Women Officers Professional Association, supports the professional development of its members and serves as a forum of information about the Sea Services (Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard). WOPA

Karen Chambliss, Petaluma, California,
SFC, USAR, Retired,Veteran US Army(RA-WAC)

A disabled, but very active, Woman Marine,
Veronica, with an excellent site

Sharon Daughtery, USANG

Sarah Sampels, Crescent City, CA.

Robin Sloan, USA Veteran
Taking Action

US Navy Veteran
Theresa Veteran To Veteran


Cindy Barth Wilson (Silberblatt), LCDR, USN (Ret.)

Army Reserve
Mary Ann Humphrey
The Good Doctor

Marine Corps
Carol Gilliam
Lady Leatherneck

Air National Guard
In Rhode Island

WAVES Organization
WAVES National

Cindy A. Joannes USN, & USN Reserves (Ret.)
Jefferson City, MO

Debby's Page
USMC Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran
Women Veterans Ring (Ringmistress)

Agatha L. Desmond
WAC 1966-1969 Signal Corp.
e-mail -

Glori Euwer
USAF 1980-1993, USAFR 1993- PRES.

Chief Cook's Home Port
YNC Peg Cook, USNR-R

Wendi Goodman
An Army retiree, SSG, and retired in Sep '94 as a 71L34. Was stationed in Hanau & Vilseck Germany, Ft Wood, Ft Carson, Peoria Recruiting Bn, University of New Mexico in Albuquerque & University of Illinios-Chicago with Cadet Command.

Carmen Rae ( Wolf ) Bennett
ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO Formerly Minneapolis ( Apple Valley ) Minnesota
E-Mail -
WAC Vet Vietnam -Era
ACTIVE DUTY : 4 April 67 - 22 October 1968 RESERVE DUTY: May 72 - 74 ; September 79 - 81
BASIC AND AIT: Fort McClellan Alabama MOS: clerk typist 1st Permanent Duty Station: Fort Myer VA WAC Detachment Assigned to the Pentagon (DCSPER ) Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel 2nd PD Station: Fort Leavenworth Kansas WAC Detachment Assigned to Base Housing office
Honorably Discharged 22 October 1968 from Active Duty due to pregnancy.
If anyone else was discharged due to pregnancy, please e-mail me.

F. Raelani Azada US Army, 1982-1988

Karen L. Thompson SP4 - 572nd MP Co. Ft. Ritchie, MD 4/72 through 12/75

Sgt G. Susan Pope-Benjamin

Retired USMC Lt Col Robin Higgins outstanding pages on many issues - the most poignant one being the death of her Marine Corps husband at the hands of terrorists. A must visit for all.

Vietnam Womens Memorial Project

D.J. Neary
Detail from a painting by D.J.Neary USMCR

An absolute "must visit" - the artwork is exquisite!
Marine Corps Art by LtCol D.J. Neary, USMCR
Heritage Studio

Some interesting new Navy women's sites:

The All Navy Women's National Alliance: ANWNA Home Page

Barber Point WAVES' Home Page

WAVES National MI Unit 32 -Michigan Unit 32

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