Inside the Women's Memorial


In the Data Register area visitors are greeted by a series of computer keyboards and screens where one can search for the women veterans registered in the database. It holds the personal stories and records received from servicewomen and their families.
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In the Education Center there are exhibit areas featuring service memorabilia donated by women veterans. Photos, posters, ribbons, medals, documents, and uniforms are on display.
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The exhibits cover the history of women in or with the military from the Revolution to the present day. There is also a small gift shop and a theater within the memorial as well as a Hall of Honor.
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It is incumbent upon servicewomen, friends of women veterans, relatives of deceased women veterans, and all of us to aid in perpetuating this memorial. Almost two million of us have served and finally are being recognized. Continued support for the women's memorial is essential to keep this recognition from falling back into the lost chapters of history. Never let it be said that - once recognized - military women were forgotten due to lack of interest.
Call WIMSA at 1-800-222-2294 for more information.

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