In the 21st Century in the armed services of a democracy this should not be necessary!!!


But sadly it is and one can only hope that this step will help. Call 800-497-6261 without hesitation.

WASHINGTON, June 17, 2005 - Servicemembers who are victims of sexual assault or who need information on the DoD policy on preventing sexual assaults can find the information at a new Web site.

The site, launched by Joint Task Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, is basically a consolidated place to go to for information, said Air Force Brig. Gen. K.C. McClain, the commander of the JTF.

The site has links to all the services' Web sites related to the sexual assault issue. It spells out what people can do if they are victims of sexual assault, the general said.

The designers of the new site, which went live this week, had to name the site with the initials of the organization -- -- rather than something like "" because too many firewalls would block out a request under that name, the general explained.

The site is more than just a reporting site. If an individual has questions about the policy, the answers are available on the Web site. "Because it is a DoD site, one could access this one site and get the overarching information," McClain said. "Since we link to the service Web sites, an individual could get that information, too."

If a commander or a first sergeant has questions, this site should provide the answers, but if not, they can send an e-mail via the site and a Joint Task Force member will answer.

McClain said the group already is thinking of improvements. "We will add other things as we get them done," she said. "We're readying a commander's checklist on sexual assault prevention, for example."

Joint Task Force for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Web Site

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