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Although there are other links scattered throughout this site, and on generalized link pages, these links are for faculty, students, researchers and of course the proverbial "doubting thomas". They are specialized links to current and well researched information - and surprise, surprise - no opinions - well not a lot anyway.


Women's Research and Education Institute is a respected resource not only for federal legislators and administrators, but also for state and local government officials, women's advocates, corporate policy makers, the media, teachers and students, and a myriad of other individuals and organizations throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.WREI promotes the informed scrutiny of policies regarding their effect on women, and encourages the development of policy options that recognize the circumstances of today's women and their families including extensive reporting on military women and women veterans.

Fascinating new web site:
Native American Women of the Military
- a site that recognizes the contributions of
Indian women to the U.S. military.
Filled with valuable information about
the many Native American Women who served.


The Alliance for National Defense is a voice for military women to the public, lawmakers, media and military policymakers. It provides nonpartisan, objective information on the role women play in America's defense. The Alliance also works with other nonprofit organizations, such as women's, veterans' and military groups, to promote greater understanding of the fact that the U.S. military is dependent on women to accomplish its missions and maintain its readiness. It is a nonprofit, educational organization that encourages and promotes the vital role of military women in our nation's defense - dedicated to the principle that a full partnership between women and men strengthens America's military to guarantee our nation's freedom. It supports the military's requirement for excellence in performance from all who serve in the armed forces, regardless of gender, and recognizes the critical importance of mission accomplishment and military readiness.


For an amazing site with a comprehensive history of women and the military please take the time to visit Gender Gap . Wonderfully researched and extensively referenced, this site will aid students and teachers alike in their quest for valid information about women's contributions over thousands of years.


These two sites are all about women in war from an academic perspective with lots of discussion threads on many topics related to women in the military. The one above is the Minerva Center and this one is the H-Minerva net at MSU. Minerva


Just about everything you'd want to know by and about the women who served in Vietnam.

The Women Marines Association

All about women in the Marine Corps.


Normally I don't recommend commercial or quaisi-commercial sites but Jone Johnson at About.com, formerly the Mining Co. does such an excellent job in finding links about women in the military that it is well worth a visit. (Yes, she does mention this site - and for that I'm grateful, but that's not why this reference is here.) Jone keeps her section current, finds unusual and different sites and makes it interesting as well.


The women vets of the Department of Mass. American Legion are doing a banner job in getting this new site for women veterans together. It will have all kinds of information for women veterans and the site is by women veterans. Massachusettes has a very high women veteran population. Visit them for continuing additions - be advised the site is a tad heavy on large graphics but it's well worth seeing.

women in aviation

The most complete and extensive resource for information about Women in Aviation. Detailed, current, and constantly updated, this site is your best bet for researching women who have soared to new heights in civilian and military aviation.

Please note: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this material is displayed without profit or payment for those who have expressed an interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. Nothing on this site is for sale nor is it a commercial venture of any kind - it is a one person page for, and about, military women - by one retired military woman.

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