Military Women's Uniforms - Past and Present - Hats and Other Stuff

Women who disguised themselves as men to fight in the Revolutionary War would have worn a hat something like this. The Tri-cornered hat was used by many unit with the only change being the color of the border stripe or the hat material.
rev war

Women who disguised themselves as men to fight in the Civil War would have worn a hat something like this in either blue or gray. The insignia was worn on the front center of the hat, above the brim. This is a Union hat shown here.
civil war

WWIThe women who served in World War One had heavy wool "winter-wear" and rather large-brimmed hats. Here you see the Navy's Yeoman (F) in their full length capes.
WWIWorld War I nurses uniforms were slightly different. The capes were shorter, the skirts longer. The hat in particular is softer in fabric and has a different shape.

WWI Nurses Hat

World War Two Hats

The Marine "green"
still worn today.
Coast Guard SPARS
all blue, gold letters.
WAVES -White
crown, gold letters.
The famous "Hobby Hat"
worn by WAAC and WAC.

marines Training during WWII was quite different than it is now.

Here two women marines practice jujitsu in skirts and hats.
gas masks Those of us who went through training
in the '40s well remember these suffocating gas masks.
For some of us they were a good place to keep candy bars - until they melted!

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