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They're On the Same Team Now!

"Captain Critical" on Gender Integrated Training

"Separate But Equal" is not just an oxymoron, it's an oxyidiocy.
The idea of separating women in training is as idiotic as teaching fish to drive trucks.
The concept of returning military women to separate units for basic and technical school training is as archaic as chastity belts.
It reeks of "let's punish the women for the faults of the men!"

All of the other recommendations of the "Federal Advisory Committee on Gender Integrated Training and Related Issues" (Kassebaum Baker) have merit - things like better screening of trainer personnel, to include psychological screening ; increased numbers of women to perform drill sergeant duties; expanded human relations instruction for trainers ; a far more challenging, intensive basic training program; re-evaluation of physical standards; and the teaching of core values throughout the initial entry training process.
But the concept of regressing to the idea that separating men and women will reduce sexual harassment problems is like saying that eliminating laws will reduce crime.

Young men and women live in co-ed dorms at most of our colleges and universities - with some secular schools being the exception. But even schools with rules allow mixed visits, co-ed parties, and mutual recreation areas. They control it with curfews and residence monitors, and assigned clergy/faculty advisors.
We don't separate the sexes any place else - with the possible exception of convents and monasteries - why on earth should the young men and women of the military be isolated in training?

The "old guard' and the "righteous rant organizations" will sally forth with myriad reports, studies, cases, tomes, and plethoras of special projects bulging at the seams with fatuous reasons why it won't work and that feminization is killing the miltary.
Balderdash and Poppycock!
With the proper implementation, the proper standards, and the proper supervision, young men and women can train together, work together, and fight together.
It's not a feminist thing, it's not a sexist thing, and it's not a combat thing.
It's the future.
Catch up and get used to it.

And for an amusing view of how it can work rent the movie "Starship Troopers" and pay close attention to the barracks integration segment - particularly the shower scene.

And who am I to offer this opinion - one who has lived in the barracks way back when we were separate, one who has commanded separate women's squadrons, and one who believes that the fault does not lie with where the women live and sleep.
It lies with the archaic attitudes of the old military men who are resistant to change.
It lies with the ignorant military men who still see women as chattel and sex objects.
It lies with the anti-progress organizations who for some inexplicable reason want women to remain second class citizens.

Let's not punish the women for the faults of the men - let's fault the men who punish women - and get them the hell out of the service.
A little house-cleaning at the top would far better serve the military than regressing to antiquated concepts.
Let's superannuate the military, not decimate it.

Barbara A. Wilson, Captain, USAF (Ret)


The rules are totally different with respect to physical standards for combat arms. According to Lt General Claudia Kennedy the following is the reality:
"These are the facts: Soldiers enlisting in the combat arms, who are by regulatory definition all men , undergo both Basic and Advanced Individual Training in gender-segregated (all male) units in what is known as One Station Unit Training. Therefore there are no women trainees to "weaken" the combat arms as political critics persist in implying. Their argument is without merit."

For a summary of the statements of panel members appearing before the subcommittee:

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For Myths, Urban Legends and Fallacies about Military Women see also:
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