A Guy Named Joe, MGM, 1943
Army Surgeon, RKO Radio Pictures, 1942
A Wave, A WAC, and A Marine, 1944
Atlantic Convoy, Columbia Pictures, 1942
Betrayal From the East, RKO Pictures, 1945
Bombers Moom, Twentieth Century Fox, 1943
Cry Havoc, MGM, 1943
D-Day, The Sixth of June, Twentieth Century Fox, 1956
First Yank Into Tokyo, RKO Pictures, 1945
Flight For Freedom, RKO Pictures, 1943
Flight Nurse, Republic, 1953
Flying Tigers, Republic, 1942
Force of Arms, Warner Brothers, 1951


Four Jills & A Jeep, Twentieth Century Fox, 1944 Francis Joins the WACS, Universal-International, 1954 Here Come the Waves, Paramount, 1944 Homecoming, MGM, 1948 In Harm's Way, Paramount, 1965 International Squadron, Warner Brothers, 1941 I Was an American Spy, Monogram, 1951 I Was a Male War Bride, Twentieth Century Fox, 1949 Keep Your Powder Dry, MGM, 1945 Ladies Courageous, Universal, 1944 Marine Raiders, RKO Radio Pictures, 1944 Mission Batangas, Manson Films, 1968 Navy Secrets, Monogram, 1939 Never Wave at a WAC, Independent Artists, 1952 OSS, Paramount, 1946 Operation Petticoat, Universal, 1960 Panama Patrol, Grand National, 1939 Parachute Nurse, Columbia Pictures, 1942 Pride of the Marines, Warner Brothers, 1945 Purple Heart Diary, Columbia Pictures, 1942 See Here Private Hargrove, MGM, 1944 She's In the Army Now, Monogram, 1942 Skirts Ahoy 1952 So Proudly We Hail, Paramount, 1943 South Pacific, Magna, 1958

Tars & Spars, Warner Brothers, 1946 The Lieutenant Wore Skirts, Twentieth Century Fox, 1956 The Navy Comes Through, RKO Radio Pictures, 1942 The Navy Way, Paramount, 1944 The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell, United Artists, 1968 The Proud and the Profane, Paramount, 1956 The White Cliffs of Dover, MGM, 1944 They Made Her a Spy, RKO Radio Pictures, 1939 The WAC From Walla, Walla, Republic, 1952 They Were Expendable, MGM, 1945 This Above All, Twentieth Century Fox, 1942 To the Shores of Tripoli, Twentieth Century Fox, 1942 Up In Arms, RKO Radio Pictures, 1944 Wings and the Woman, RKO Radio Pictures, 1942 Women in War, Republic, 1940

Top right caption reads:
"When a woman goes to war has she the right to live a soldier's life?"

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