If you are a woman veteran then you really should see about getting registered with WIMSA - the Women in Military Service for America Memorial. The Memorial is to honor the women who have served, or are serving, in the armed forces, starting with the American Revolution. It is at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. The Foundation is seeking names, addresses, photos, and memorable experiences of women who have served. Descendents and friends of deceased servicewomen are also asked to register them. Visit WIMSA

IF YOU WERE A WOMAN OFFICER IN THE U.S. AIR FORCE then you should consider looking into AFWOA - an association for women officers, past and present, who were in the Air Force. Air Force Women Officers is a great way of keeping track of the travels and adventures of friends and associates from years gone by. If interested you can visit them at: AFWOA

Retired USMC Lt Col Robin Higgins outstanding pages on many issues - the most poignant one being the death of her Marine Corps husband at the hands of terrorists. A must visit for all.

A must visit for all military women:
Military Woman
Great historic information:
More history:
Women's History
Nurses were always there:
WWII Nurses

For an amazing site with a comprehensive history of women and the military please take the time to visit Gender Gap . Wonderfully researched and extensively referenced, this site will aid students and teachers alike in their quest for valid information about women's contributions over thousands of years.

All about women in war from an academic perspective:

A woman marine speaks out:

A wonderfully patriotic page by Debby Peare:
Debby's Page

For the Defense Women's Health Resource pages:
Defense Women's Resource

Dusty's Wonderful Viet Nam Remembrances:
Dusty's Page

Unsung Heroines WASPs:

The WASP Collection at Texas Women's University
WASP fan David Reyes' page
Women Airforce Service Pilots FAQ
Women with Wings: Female Flyers in Fact and Fiction

C. Andy Hailey's great WASP links: WASP

Here's a mailing list for Women Veterans Organizations: Women Veterans

Kansas Supports Their Women Veterans

Indiana Cares

The Employment Development Department in San Mateo, California recognizes women veterans:
San Mateo

Some interesting new Navy women's sites:

The All Navy Women's National Alliance: ANWNA Home Page

Barber Point WAVES' Home Page

Essential Information About Agent Orange: Agent Orange The Association of Birth Defect Children (ABDC) has been researching birth defects due to wartime environmental exposures and possible causes of Gulf War Babies. ABDC THE BROKEN PROMISE
If you are a military retiree, 65 or older, the government is breaking its faith by dumping you in to the Medicare melee and denying you medical care. Join the fight for what we were promised. Class Action:Lawsuit

Here is an excellent way to find material for all veterans,
provided by Veterans News and Information Service:

VNIS is an excellent site for lots of information.

One of the most supportive of all veteran's sites:
The Veterans Voice of Austin:
Vets Voice
Interesting New Site
The Florida Department
of Veterans Affairs
Florida Vets
Making of the USMC War Memorial
MC Memorial

Thanks to Chuck Stewart
for the recognition:

A Marine remembers
This soldier not only remembers,
he performs a wonderful service :

Air Force veteran
George Crofton's site:

Another great Vets site
Full of Information
Veterans Helping Veterans

A splendid site
well worth the visit:
Covert Ops

A truly patriotic
military family:
The Tacketts


Many thanks to John Kline for this comment:
"Great work for a gallant, dedicated, beautiful group of women.
I shall never forget the loving care I received after being liberated from prison camp in Germany." Web Site:106th Infantry

"Veterans Ring
of Honor " Ring
career Sisters Page:
Pam Young

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