The "Feminization of the Military" lament:

This babbling treatise belongs in the 8-track graveyard along with the rest of the "Archie Bunker" philosophies. It's usually prattled by a short-timer with about two years served, over thirty years ago, who has gone on to other things. To advocate denying the equal opportunity education, training and benefits of military service to women, and to hawk the feminization lament as a reason is condemnation without rationalization.

The armed forces draw their members from our modern society - it follows that the make up of the services must reflect that society from which they are drawn. Feminism is not the catalyst behind women volunteering to serve nor is it the motivator. Ask the women who served long before feminism was a pop-culture term. Obviously those who espouse a womanless military also want it to be a plebian corps with philistine standards. They can't abide women as a part of a skilled modern force trained and equipped to maintain peace worldwide.

Their attitude is not unlike that of the men of 150 years ago who denied admission to medical school to women - and when they finally let them in they made them sit behind curtains so as not to distract the male students. Todays' anti-military women pundits are waving a camouflage curtain of empty homilies - the same old "sound and fury signifying nothing".

To deny our young women the opportunity to apply and qualify for any military specialty is an egregious wrong and feminization has nothing to do with it. It's the same inexplicable white male attitude that denied the practice of law to women until a bill before congress changed it. It's the same biased religious attitude that advocated the "get thee to nunnery" approach.

Women sit on the highest court of the land, women fly space missions - by the way in really close quarters with men - that "unit cohesion" didn't suffer in orbit - and women are excelling in every field. Yet the punditry of baseless articles continues to surface with their implied knowledge of nonexistent covenants and secret gender norming schemes - blaming it all on feminization.

The design of the military of the forthcoming 21st Century is not for a corps of blackguards and thugs led by Attilla the Hun. It is for a sleek, intelligent, synergetic group of highly motivated and skillfully trained troops. To advocate excluding our young women from this aspect of our nation's future is tantamount to sedition.

Would those feminization prattlers change this motto to:

"Be All You Can Be - Unless You're a Woman" ???

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