More Affronts to Military Women - on a show for the vulpes mentality.


Once more the mindless babble of yet another nameless television program, with a fameless host, struck out at women in the military.

Obviously the network, the program, and the host aren't worth mentioning.

The style of the show was "springeresque" without the confrontations. The segments were four minute shouting matches with all the dignity of slopping the hogs at sunrise.

The perky little flibbertigibbet who rattled off the rhetorical rumors and stacked statistics against women in the military had the manners of a toddler having a tantrum in a toy store.
And true to form she spewed out all the rhetorical rants that have no merit - with even more gross exaggerations than usual. She had "hundreds, maybe thousands, of miltary women being raped and sodomized as POWs" - and nursing mothers being thrown into combat. She rattled off statistics on pregnancy that exist only in myth and legend and spewed suppositions that obviously came from someone who had never spent a day in uniform.

This cacophany of cackle continued throughout the program, with the audience never hearing a complete sentence from any of the participants. Host and guests blundered through segments from female firefighters to child custody cases with fish wife pitch in an intellectual vacuum.

Sarcasm aside what really grinds my gears is the fact that the show chose to take pot shots at women in the miltary with the same zest that the media trolls for tidbits on Bill's marijuana or George's cocaine.

There is no excuse for this kind of programming particularly when it is fraught with disinformation.

For example the garrulous gabber on fast forward blatantly announced that the military is not about individual opportunity. Simply not true!
The Department of Defense is our nations largest equal opportunity employer and individual opportunity is encouraged - not discouraged.
Several of the harrangues were about the strength differences and those old "dual standard dead fish cliches" that surface all the time.

Hasn't anyone noticed that separate standards are a way of life in the rest of the world? Professional golf has the PGA and the LPGA - different strokes for different folks. Basketball has the NBA and the WNBA - neither sex is expected to play the other's game. The Olympics has men's events and women's events - so what's the big deal about the military creating a set of standards for age, sex, and as qualifiers for particular jobs?

Using women in the military as fodder for third rate televison's feeble attempts at sensationalism and ratings grabbing is "on-screen yellow journalism" and belongs at the bottom of the ocean with the rest of the toxic waste on the tube.

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