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"Quiet Heroes - Navy Nurses of the Korean War"
1950-1953- Far East Command

Written by Frances Omori, Commander, U.S. Navy, and published by Smith House Press, "Quiet Heroes" is the story of the Navy Nurses who served at the Naval Hospital Yokosuka, Japan, and on board the hospital ships - the USS Consolation, the USS Repose, and the USS Haven.

Documented with an interesting combination of stories from both the nurses perspective and that of the Marines who were treated by them "Quiet Heroes" is a fascinating account of the women who served without fanfare. Full of pictures and sometimes poignant, and sometimes delightful anecdotes, the book moves swiftly through the horrors of war and the joys of saving lives.

Told in an almost "You Are There" style the book stays on course and doesn't wander off on boring statistics or military jargon - it holds your interest from cover to cover. What is particularly amazing is the fact that tens of thousands of patients were treated by these Navy Nurses under less than ideal conditions. Commander Frances Omori has done a banner job in telling the story of these forgotten heroines of the forgotten war - fifty years later.

About the Author:
Commander Frances Omori didn't join the Navy until she had pursued quite a career in civilian life. After graduating from the University of North Colorado with a BA in Speech Communication and an MA in Communication and Television, the Hawaii-born Omori taught at Kamehameha School for five years, then moved into the television industry where she conquered television news reporting, news anchoring, and producing. At one time she was assistant casting director for the television series Hawaii-Five-O! In 1984 she entered government service as Press Secretary and Legislative Assistant for US Congressman Cec Heftel and US Senator Daniel K. Inouye respectively. She was responsible for Senate Apopropriations Committee legislation on Defense, Military Contruction, Health and Human Services, Education and Labor and the Committee on Veterans Affairs.

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