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Military Women Are There - as part of the team!

In response to the many queries asking if women are participating in the NATO Operation Allied Force - the answer is yes. But let's not separate them as their own entity -they are there because they are integral members of our armed services. The reality is that women in the military continue to do their jobs, continue to serve their country, and wonder why there is so much hue and cry, signifying nothing, over their willingness to serve. They are performing with pride as soldiers, sailors, airman and marines - and if that job is over the struggle for Kosovo or on the moon - women will do it as well as men.

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Current international contributions to KFOR include:

Canada 700
France 4,100
Germany 4,400
Greece 500
Italy 2,400
Netherlands 400
United Kingdom 10,200
United States 4,500
TOTAL 28,000

The UN looks at Military Women as Ideal Peacekeepers

computer U.S.Navy Personnel aboard the Aircraft Carrier
USS Theodore Roosevelt which has headed home.

With respect to the question will the women be in combat? - remember certain specialties are closed to women - they are:

In the Army women cannot serve in the following: infantry, armor, cannon field artillery and short range air defense artillery

In the Navy women are excluded from Submarine Warfare, Special Warfare (SEAL) and ratings particular to submarine service such as fire control technician, missile technician, and sonar technician.

The Marine Corps assignments closed to women are infantry, armor, field artillery, security force guard protecting nuclear material, and several positions related to armored, amphibious, assaultunits and fleet antiterrorism security teams.

Air Force positions closed or restricted are Combat Control, Special Operations Forces, Rotary Aircraft, TAC Pararescue, and Weather assignments with infantry or Special Forces.

All Coast Guard occupations and assignments are open to women.

Military women are there! - as part of the team - they are serving their country voluntarily just as our young men are - and they will continue to serve whenever and where ever their assignments take them. All they ask is a chance to be an integral part of the Armed Services of the United States of America...nothing more... nothing less.

security guard
Air Force Security Forces members from the 768th Security Forces Squadron
on duty in Tirana, Albania in support of Operation Shining Hope. (USAF Photo).

Source for the above photos and data - Department of Defense -Defense Link

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