Military Women Depicted in Advertising

Women in the military, women in uniform, or actresses and models posing as military women appeared in advertising primarily during WWII. Here are a few advertisements by major companies that portrayed military women or women in uniform in their ads.

Whitman's Chocolates , Saturday Evening Post,
full page ad, 1943.
Camel cigarettes, inside back cover,
1940s, several different blocks with servicewomen.
Maxwell House Coffee,
Saturday Evening Post,
full page ad, 1945
Full page ad using stars from the film "So Proudly We Hail"
to recruit for nurses and sell cigarettes at the same time.
The line across the top reads "America Needs Nurses - Enlist now."

coca cola
Coca Cola 1942
coca cola
Woman Marine and British servicewoman in Coca Cola ad - 1944
coca cola
WAVE in Coca Cola ad - 1952 -
Thanks to David Henderson, Vintage Advertising

coca cola
Coca Cola 1953
"Situation well in hand"

coca cola
Coca Cola 1942
coca cola
Coca Cola 1946

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